Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hayden 8 months

Mr. Hayden Bugg is 8 months old... for a few days now. He has 2 teeth and is doing that rocking thing before crawling. He loves to stand up by the couch and play with his stacking cups. He loves taking a bath in the big tub with toys and splashing the water. He enjoys watching Spongebob and going for walks around the apartments. He loves to flirt with all the wives that adore him.

He makes this funny face and laughs and he snorts while he does it. Very funny!!

Here's his little teeth! the first one came in on my mom's birthday May 11 and the second popped up on the 27th.

Ain't he a cutie!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

we made it to the city

On Sunday we went to the city for a afternoon of fun! We went to a fish market and there were a bunch of different shops and some fish stands where you buy fresh fish and they throw it to the guy behind the counter for packing and weighing. It was pretty sweet... I didn't get pictures of that but here are some that I did get.

The bridge from Mercer Island to Seattle

Safeco stadium with Mount Rainier in the background

I just got the sky needle (or whatever its called) in the shot
We had a really good time, we carpooled with 4 other couples and it was a lot of fun!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hayden's first tooth finally popped up on the bottom yesterday!! He was awake every couple hours sunday night and since him and I are both sick we thought that was the deal, but then yesterday afternoon I spotted that little guy!! YAY!! I just hope he doesn't bite :O

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Seattle BABY!!

Well we made it safe and sound to our new temporary home. We are in Renton Washington, a suburb of Seattle. Here are a few pictures from our journey...

This picture is from Oregon

This is the mountains right before the Seattle valley. It rained the whole time we were in them. It was so pretty!

We ran into a storm in Idaho and when I turned around I saw this rainbow.... a few minutes later another one came to make a double rainbow. The second one is faint on the left, barely visible.

This is the Great Salk Lake

The dining room in our apartment... the stairs go to the loft

view of the living room from the loft

view our our living room window! SOOOO Pretty.... Lake Washington. That across the way is Mercer Island.
We left monday night and stayed in phoenix. The next day we made it to Spanish Fork and stayed with my sister Wendy. We went out to dinner and got to see Paul's brother Kevin who is going to BYU. Paul had a cold this whole trip so when we got to Wendy's house we decided to stay there a little longer than planned. Instead of leaving at 5 am we left at noon so paul could stay in front of the humidifier longer. We made it to Baker City Oregon and decided to get a motel room. After taking Nyquil and getting a good nights rest, he felt a lot better and we left around 8 am. We arrived at our new home around 3 or 4 in the afternoon.
Today is paul's first day selling. I'll update how that goes later. We are on the 4th floor and there are no elevators. so we will have strong legs after we leave here. We also don't know where we are supposed to park. We were a little discouraged after getting here but now that we are a little settled in, we are good to go! I hope paul doesn't get too discouraged with selling, I know he'll do great though!!