Saturday, September 8, 2012


The day after we bought our Sentra, I called thdealership to cancel the warranty that was $2000 and clearly a waste of money. (we were tired by then and were not thinking clearlyThe guy told me he would take care of it.  Now, a month later I'm trying to get our financing moved over to the credit union and I called thdealership to make sure the warranty was cancelled.  WELL..... it sure wasn't. AND the man who did our financing no loner works there, so I have to explain everything to this new guy.  And what does he do? he tried to convince me to reconsider.  For like 10 minutes!  he offered to up thcoverage to 4 years.  I called Paul and he said to just cancel it.  After trying to call him back 4 times, I spoke with someone else in financing and he offered to take a message, after I told him that I call all the time (for a different stupid problem) and no one returns my calls and I will try back, I ended up hanging up on him, almost in tears. I feel bad now because I had never even talked to that man.   oops.  I  gave up for the day, completely frustrated.  Paul told me he would take care of it on Saturday.  So today I ended up calling them back today and I spoke with Brad again, the one who tried to talk me out of cancelling, and this time I gave him a piece of my mind.  I told him I needed to cancel it and get a full refund (since I oriinally called the day after I purchased the car) and after him trying to up thcoverage again to 60 months, he finally told me that I needed to come in and fill out a form.  ARE YOU KIDDING!?!?!!  And yes I really said that.  I live 4 hours from you.  (I would  have went in a long time ago if I lived closer) and his response was I will TRY to get someone to mail it on Monday.  I said, you will TRY?!?!  NO, the last time someone said they would mail something on Monday was a month ao and it STILL isn't here.  So I plan to head to Queen Creek for haydens birthday in 2 weeks.  If I don't have that stupid form by then, they will be very, VERY sorry.  

Different stupid problem... when we got the car thsalesman told us he owed us floor mats, a key FOB battery, another key, and a check for gas. he said he would mail it Monday.  It has been over a month and it still isn't here. I called about 2 weeks ago and he said it mailed 2 days prior. well, where the bleep is it?!?!  It doesn't take 2 weeks to mail something  200 miles.  So you can see why I'm a little upset.  All of this on top of me calling and leaving multiple messages with several people over the entire month.   I'm so completely frustrated. And in my gut I just know that its going to take me walking in there to get anything done.  Maybe Monday Ill be taking a road trip.

Moral of the story.  NEVER buy a car from out of town. NEVER.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day

We were finally able to make it up to Columbine.  Last year Paul had just started his new job as a nurse and couldn't ask for days off.  In July Paul was sick so we didn't go up that weekend.  It was such a nice break from the heat!  So many people went up this year and it made it fun to have so many kids for Hayden to play with.  

Some of the men made a swing for the kids to play on.  It started as a hammock and rope but later turned into a board and rope.  The kids had a blast on it!

...And so did Paul.  :)

All the kids constantly had a dirty face. Either from wiping noses or crying and wiping their tears with their dirty hands.  

There were 5 or so kids that were all 3, 4 of which were blonde boys.  

We went on a little drive down the road to the raspberry patches.  Some of us climbed the hills and picked a bunch of them.  I played it safe and stayed on the road.

Here's Paul up on the hill, his cup was full by the time he came down.

I mean, JUMPED down.  

 Hayden had a car and decided that driving it in the back of the truck was more fun that the raspberries. 

We ended up only staying Saturday night, because Paul had allergies or a cold and didn't sleep well. But it was well worth the trip up. We had a blast!!  Can't wait for Fall to finally arrive!