Monday, September 22, 2008

Hayden Hunter Clites

Hayden Hunter Clites was born Saturday September 20 at 1:14 am. He was 7 lbs 12 oz and 20 1/2 inches long.

We called the hospital at 6:30 friday morning to set up a time to go get induced and they were full so they said to call back at 10 but they ended up calling me at 9, so we went in at 9:30 and they got me all situated. About 2 hours later the doctor camed in and I was only dialated to 2 cm so she inserted this tablet that supposed to start the contractions and then she left me just to wait. Good thing we took the laptop so Paul wasn't too bored. Around 2 pm they had me go walking around hoping that Hayden's head would help dialate me. They checked me again afterwards and I was dialated to 3. So around 4 pm I started to feel the contractions (finally!) and at 5 they were getting a little stronger so I took a bath and at 6 they checked me again and I was at 4 cm so they decided to break my water (that was weird). Around 8 I was feeling them really strong and asked for IV medicine phetenol (sp??) and that helped for a few hours then I asked for an epidural around 10 pm and I was at 5 cm so they said ok. He came in and gave me the epidural and it totally wiped me out from the chest down. I felt paralized! I couldn't move my legs or feel them so it was weird when they would check me or do anything down there, I couldn't watch them moving my legs. The Epidural is supposed to numb you but still leave you with the ability to move your legs. I got the equivalent of meds for if I were to be having a C section. (I'll explain this whole thing later). So after an hour he came back and checked on me and I was still pretty numb and so he came back in another hour (midnight) and I could feel my tummy which was good for when I needed to push but now I could feel the contractions, and mostly in my back, ugh. They weren't too bad though. So I felt some pressure in my pelvis and told Hector (the epidural guy) to get a nurse to come check me. So he did and she said I was complete so they called the doctor and then had me do some practice pushes, but decided that if we did too many he might just come out because he was so low in there. So when Dr. Romero came in she checked me and I was complete indeed so she got her gown on and gloves and everything and they removed the end of the bed and got my legs in the stirrups and I started pushing... somewhere in there I puked and then at 1:14 my beautiful baby was here!! She set him on my tummy and Paul got to cut the cord. The whole time in between contractions they were saying they could see him and man did he have a lot of hair! That was exciting! After getting him a little cleaned up they gave him to me and he was just so perfect! He looks just like his daddy! After a while when I could feel my legs again enough to walk, they got me a shower and got Hayden a bath. They cleaned up the room and then Paul and I got to spend time with our baby. We didn't go to a postpartum room because they were all full so we spent the first night in the delivery room. We got to bed around 3 and they brought him in at 5 to eat and I tried to feed him until 8 am but he would just go to sleep. So cute though. He sure likes his sleep that's for sure. So after many naps and a few visitors we got moved over to Post partum and then the headache came. Hector warned me that I might get a headache from the epidural so I knew it was coming but I didn't think it would hurt that bad! After not being able to eat dinner because of the pain and after 2 vicaden (sp??) later I finally got to sleep. They brought Hayden in every few hours to eat and he ate really well, which was good because he hadn't the day before. Sunday morning my dad came to visit and my headache came back. More vicaden please. Then they gave me a blood patch (take blood from my arm and inject it into my back to stop the headache) and since I didn't have a headache at that moment because of the medicine, I didn't know if it worked or not, well after getting discharged at 11 and going home, the headache returned around 1 so I drank some Dr. Pepper in hopes the caffine would help, but it didn't. After a shower and trying to relax I got to sleep around 11 pm only to be worried or up with Hayden most of the night. I woke up and got a headache again and decided to go get my Ibuprofin perscription filled so Paul and I made it to Walmart around 12 (I had taken one of Paul's percasets from when he went to the ER last) and of course my headache was back so I was miserable all through walmart, I even had a lady make sure I was ok because she is a nurse. After paul's class was over at 3 we went to the ER (Hector said to go in if the blood patch didn't work). Around 5 he finally came in after giving someone an epidural and he noticed that I have slight scoliosis and said that he thought that's what screwed up the epidural in the first place. So he had me adjust my position and he did the blood patch again. This time it worked! my headache was gone instantly! WOW that felt nice! Thank goodness for good friends. Jordan and Kaitlyn watched Hayden while I was in the ER, I didn't want to take any chances of him getting RSV or something from being in there. So now I can function normally and enjoy being a mom!! What an experience! So now my back is all scabbed up from being poked so many times and my arms are all bruised from IV's or them drawing blood. What a weekend. All of it was very worth it, and it wasn't as miserable as I thought it would be. I have the cutest baby on the block and the most amazing husband too!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting Induced

Friday is the big day. I've been hoping that Hayden would get here sooner but after my check up today it doesn't look that way. She checked me again and I'm only at 1 and a half. I thought for sure I would be at 3 at least but not so lucky. So I have to call at 6:30 am on Friday to schedule to get induced. Thursday we are going to be cleaning the whole house in prep for our new baby to come home. No one likes a dirty house anyway. I've heard of people that get induced only taking a few hours before the baby is actually born. My friend Kristen took 26 hours, so I don't really know what to expect. But I guess anything is better than a C section. So Marie, I guess if you come down this weekend you won't be disappointed because Hayden will be here. ;)

oh by the way... check out Regina Spektor, she's a little different with her music but I like her a lot. I recommend the song Fidelity.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Due Tomorrow

Too bad I won't be delivering any time near tomorrow! Or that's the way it's looking right now. Last week at my check up my cervix was soft. Now its only dialated to 1. grr... At this rate he could be in there for 2 or more weeks. Well Dr. Gurrerro scheduled for me to get induced next Friday. I'm really hoping that he comes before that because getting induced makes for a harder labor... or so I hear. I'm going in this coming Tuesday to get checked again to see if there's any progress at all (oh please let there be progress!) and we will see from there I guess.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the many complaints of me

I'm so tired of my boss. My job is soooo boring. All I am really here for is to answer the phone, dust, vacuum, sweep the sidewalk and any other odd things they ask me to do. So we get maybe 10 phone calls a day. That's on a busy day. It takes about 10 minutes once a week to sweep the sidewalk. 10 minutes once a week to dust, and 10 minutes once a week to vacuum. The other odd jobs are stuff like sewing something which might take 2 hours if I'm lucky. So that's what like 2 and a half hours a week out of 35 hours a week that I'm actually doing something. The other 32 and a half hours of the week I'm sitting at the computer checking myspace, facebook, yahoo, mac, hotmail and any other site I can think of, about 5 times each. In between that I'm playing solitare, spider solitare, or freecell. When both of my bosses (joan, and her son craig) are gone, I watch stupid little videos like japanese game shows on you tube. Or write stupid blogs like this one. Point: My job is extremely boring. So my boss joan is here most of the time with me and she doesn't know how to shut up. She will say anything that pops into her head. Don't get me wrong, some of it is actually interesting, but most of it is either a complaint about her husband, something to do with his diabetes, something about a family member of hers, what she had to eat for breakfast, what she plans on eating for dinner, or a complaint about craig and how unorganized he is. The reason the store is so unorganized and cluttered isn't because of him, its because she doesn't know how to throw anything away. So everything stacks up in any corner available (and some corners that aren't) and then she gets sick of looking at it, goes through like 1/8 of it, only moving it somewhere else in the store, then a week later, more stuff is cluttered in that spot, creating a never ending cycle of clutter moving. She's also complaining (once a day at least) about how she needs to tell her doctor to change her medication because the one she's on messes with her short term memory and its making her crazy. I can tell that it messes with her memory, because she can't ever remember to tell her doctor to change it, nor can she remember that she already told me about it, 5 times this week. I just cannot wait any longer to go into labor. I'm not due for 2 days, but I don't know how much more of her I can take. I look forward to lunch and fridays, when I can get away for a while! At least after I have my baby she's going to let me bring him to work with me. At least then I 1, won't be as bored and 2, get to sit around watching my baby and get paid for it. SWEET! So I guess besides my boss driving me crazy and it being really boring here, I have a sweet set up. I couldn't ask for anything more really.


Well Friday is coming up pretty soon. I was hoping to have little Hayden in my arms by now, but since I'm not due until Friday, I guess I can't complain too much. I'm not miserable at all, just getting tired of waiting. I want an excuse to get out of work and I can't think of a better one than going into labor. I will miss using my big tummy as a table, but I am super excited to be able to button my pants again and be able to reach my shoes to put them on. I'm the most excited to meet him though. I can't wait to see who he looks like more and what features he got from which parent. And to just cuddle him and sing to him and read to him and love him. I'm super excited to see how Paul is with him. I know he'll be a great dad. He's so fun to watch with Brian and Marie's baby Ayden, so it'll be fun to see him with his own baby. I had a doctor's appointment last Thursday and she said my cervix is soft but not dialated yet. I thought I would have had him by now but I might just still be pregnant at my doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. We'll see I guess.