Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the many complaints of me

I'm so tired of my boss. My job is soooo boring. All I am really here for is to answer the phone, dust, vacuum, sweep the sidewalk and any other odd things they ask me to do. So we get maybe 10 phone calls a day. That's on a busy day. It takes about 10 minutes once a week to sweep the sidewalk. 10 minutes once a week to dust, and 10 minutes once a week to vacuum. The other odd jobs are stuff like sewing something which might take 2 hours if I'm lucky. So that's what like 2 and a half hours a week out of 35 hours a week that I'm actually doing something. The other 32 and a half hours of the week I'm sitting at the computer checking myspace, facebook, yahoo, mac, hotmail and any other site I can think of, about 5 times each. In between that I'm playing solitare, spider solitare, or freecell. When both of my bosses (joan, and her son craig) are gone, I watch stupid little videos like japanese game shows on you tube. Or write stupid blogs like this one. Point: My job is extremely boring. So my boss joan is here most of the time with me and she doesn't know how to shut up. She will say anything that pops into her head. Don't get me wrong, some of it is actually interesting, but most of it is either a complaint about her husband, something to do with his diabetes, something about a family member of hers, what she had to eat for breakfast, what she plans on eating for dinner, or a complaint about craig and how unorganized he is. The reason the store is so unorganized and cluttered isn't because of him, its because she doesn't know how to throw anything away. So everything stacks up in any corner available (and some corners that aren't) and then she gets sick of looking at it, goes through like 1/8 of it, only moving it somewhere else in the store, then a week later, more stuff is cluttered in that spot, creating a never ending cycle of clutter moving. She's also complaining (once a day at least) about how she needs to tell her doctor to change her medication because the one she's on messes with her short term memory and its making her crazy. I can tell that it messes with her memory, because she can't ever remember to tell her doctor to change it, nor can she remember that she already told me about it, 5 times this week. I just cannot wait any longer to go into labor. I'm not due for 2 days, but I don't know how much more of her I can take. I look forward to lunch and fridays, when I can get away for a while! At least after I have my baby she's going to let me bring him to work with me. At least then I 1, won't be as bored and 2, get to sit around watching my baby and get paid for it. SWEET! So I guess besides my boss driving me crazy and it being really boring here, I have a sweet set up. I couldn't ask for anything more really.

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