Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

just a few edits

Tiffany was so kind as to let me be a second shooter on her maternity shoot. I decided to mess around with photoshop a little. Here's a few of the ones I did.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday was paul's birthday. most of his friends think he's older but....he turned 26. It all started on monday when he had a guy's night. They all went over to Brian's parents (because of the home theater of course) and had pizza and soda. they played cards and X box until who knows what time. Tuesday he went to lunch with Brian and they went to Denny's and just played cards for what seemed like 3 hours. Then he played more X box at Brian's (or something). Wednesday I woke him up with breakfast and we just kind of hung out all day. I got him a western style shirt (which looks amazing on him, I'll get pictures the next time he wears it). Also I gave him a haircut and made him some pumpkin pies (there's a story there!) I hope it was a pretty good birthday. I mean we didn't go skiing or anything but I thought it was pretty good. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULE!!

pumpkin pie story. So I got a crust recipe from my grandma and wanted to try it out. I could only find that huge can of pumpkin so I made 2 pies. I whipped up the filling and poured it in. Well you would assume that it would make the right amount for 2 pies but no it makes extra. So I poured in ALL of the filling into the shells and yeah they were full but it doesn't say throw out the excess or anything. Then I bake them both at the same time (does it say to do it one at a time? I didn't look) So 4 hours later they still aren't done! I'm getting super annoyed so I take them out and spoon out like another pies worth of filling and they still are taking forever. So I ask paul if it is because they are both in there and he says YES! oh my gosh I could have had 4 or even 5 pies baked 1 at a time by now. So out one comes and 10 mins later its done. I swear I have baked 2 pies at a time before (But I don't think I over filled them). So laugh it up people, go ahead and think I'm dumb I don't care.... I like my crust crunchy anyway. The end.