Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday was paul's birthday. most of his friends think he's older but....he turned 26. It all started on monday when he had a guy's night. They all went over to Brian's parents (because of the home theater of course) and had pizza and soda. they played cards and X box until who knows what time. Tuesday he went to lunch with Brian and they went to Denny's and just played cards for what seemed like 3 hours. Then he played more X box at Brian's (or something). Wednesday I woke him up with breakfast and we just kind of hung out all day. I got him a western style shirt (which looks amazing on him, I'll get pictures the next time he wears it). Also I gave him a haircut and made him some pumpkin pies (there's a story there!) I hope it was a pretty good birthday. I mean we didn't go skiing or anything but I thought it was pretty good. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULE!!

pumpkin pie story. So I got a crust recipe from my grandma and wanted to try it out. I could only find that huge can of pumpkin so I made 2 pies. I whipped up the filling and poured it in. Well you would assume that it would make the right amount for 2 pies but no it makes extra. So I poured in ALL of the filling into the shells and yeah they were full but it doesn't say throw out the excess or anything. Then I bake them both at the same time (does it say to do it one at a time? I didn't look) So 4 hours later they still aren't done! I'm getting super annoyed so I take them out and spoon out like another pies worth of filling and they still are taking forever. So I ask paul if it is because they are both in there and he says YES! oh my gosh I could have had 4 or even 5 pies baked 1 at a time by now. So out one comes and 10 mins later its done. I swear I have baked 2 pies at a time before (But I don't think I over filled them). So laugh it up people, go ahead and think I'm dumb I don't care.... I like my crust crunchy anyway. The end.


Andy and Michele said...

What a good wife, making pumpkin pie instead of cake! Especially since it took so long. We all have cooking stories like that, don't feel bad! Sounds like the perfect birthday for Paul!

Emily said...

Ha I wouldn't have known about the two pies. So thanks for the tip! :) Happy birthday Paul!

Clint and Tiffany said...

That's hilarious! What a funny story, and yes, Michele's right. We ALL have those stories! When Clint and I first got married, I made this awesome dinner and decided to make some just to go with it. I guess I hadn't made juice in a VERY long time, cuz I put 6 cans of water in instead of 3. Yeeeeeeeah... we ended up with Razz-apple-ade. Another time we made waffles and the next time we got the waffle iron down, the last waffle was still in it - dried up, cracked up and ready to go!! So don't feels so bad, eh? :0)