Friday, December 26, 2008


today we decided to get the kids (billy's kids) out of the house for a while, so we went up the mountain and we got to arcadia before we stopped to play in it. It was snowing lightly the whole time. paul and I took our truck and the rest piled in billys car. we were almost to arcadia when we saw this little honda civic stuck on the side of the road so we pulled over and pulled them out. We played for about 20 mins and decided to go home. We went to McDonalds for lunch and when we got home it started to snow!!! it only lasted 2 hours and didn't stick but it sure was fun! Sugar, our dog was chasing it around and biting it. 1 day late but still fun.

My backyard on the 27th

the road on the way home from the mountain


Thursday, December 25, 2008


This Christmas sure took forever to get here, but now its gone too fast. Paul's parents flew to Las Vegas and then drove down here with Billy and his family. They got as far as Phoenix on the 23rd and decided to stay the night there. That was around 10 pm. So they drove up to safford the next day and arrived around 2 pm. Mom helped me cook the ham, well she did it all actually, and about 30 mins before it was done I managed to make mashed potatoes (from potatoes), gravy, green beans, heat the rolls and set the table, all while trying to entertain Hayden. Mom and dad went to walmart just 15 mins before it closed and got back just in time for dinner. I must say I'm amazing. Everything turned out fabulous! Dad's luggage got lost and we finally got it on Christmas day. We went and looked at Christmas lights on Christmas eve and the kids fell asleep pretty quick. According to dad and mom it was like 4 am for them so they were troopers. This morning we got up around 8 and I went to make waffles only to realize we didn't have any butter. So I called my grandma and of course she had some so I ran up there (with gifts and 2 bars of german chocolate :) and got the butter and gifts from my mom. When I got home Billy and his family were there (they stayed at the marriot, which is soooo nice) so it was time to open gifts. The kids got a ton of toys! We got Kung Fu Panda and Horton Hears a who. Paul got me a knife set and billy got me a set of dishes and my mom gave me a pretty bracelet! Jason gave me a fabulous picture of himself. Hayden got some matchbox cars and a tonka truck and a book from grandma and grandpa clites and a teddy bear from grandma norris. Paul got sock and a set of Bose ear phones and the beanie I made him. Also his phone that he got last month after sending through the wash in his pocket. Here's a few pictures from our crazy day.

Hayden in his christmas outfit

Paul's haircut... just in time for the parents to see it:)

the beanie I made him :)

so cute

our Christmas photo
Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I'm so excited for Christmas this year. Paul's parents are coming from Germany this year and Paul's brother Billy and his family are coming from Vegas. I've been making some things at work. I mustn't tell what though because one of them is a Christmas gift for someone on blogspot. I'll post pictures of that later.... Today I've been google-ing christmas crafts and I'm soooo excited to get started on some of them! I found some christmas trees made of semi circles of fabric stacked together :) Also I found a little wreath christmas ornament made of buttons. And table setting name tag things made of a slice (for lack of better word) of tree branch and then a little bit of the tree inserted into a hole in the tree branch to make a baby sized tree and the star has the name of the person sitting there. Also (this is my favorite) I found soup cans that are snowmen! You just paint your soup can white and add the face and a strip of fabric as a scarf, then just fill it with goodies :) I found most of them at but some where other places I don't remember.

I found some really good recipes at too! I can't wait to try some of those!

I'm also excited because Hayden turns 3 months on Saturday. He stays awake more during the day, and is also more cranky. He laughs a lot and is starting to bat at toys and play with a little stuffed kangaroo we got at San Diego Zoo. He sucks on everything! His pacifier no longer serves a purpose it seams because he screams with it still in his mouth. He can't be alone in a room for more than a few minutes before he decides he's bored and needs someone to talk to or look at. He talks to us a lot and has fun facial expressions to go with it. oh did I mention he has been sleeping through the night? He was 9 weeks old when he first did it (the weekend before thanksgiving) oh it has been nice. He goes to bed anywhere between 8 and 9 and sleeps until 5 before he's hungry so I feed him and back to sleep until 7 and thats when we get up for the day.

I learned to crochet this past weekend. We were going to go look at temple lights but paul got sick so we couldn't go... plus we didn't have any extra money. My boss has been making beanie hats for the homeless for the humanitarian for her ward (my grandma is the person in charge and my boss is her visiting teacher). She uses this round thing with pegs on it so its really easy, but I wanted to learn to crochet. My grandma and mom and 2 of my sisters know how so I went onto youtube... you can find anything there... and watched a video and well I learned! Paul wants me to make him a scarf.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Yesterday I watched this new show called Secret Millionaire. Its about millionaires who go undercover as poor people in a below poverty town and after a week they give some money to the people that they meet and become friends with. And it's like $50,000! It really made me grateful for all the things that I have even though to me they don't seem that nice or great. So I thought I'd write a little thing about what I'm grateful for.

In no particular order

*My amazing husband who is healthy and able to work to support us. He is so wonderful and I take him for granted way too much.

*My sweet Angel Hayden. He's more precious and more fun than I could have imagined I love him to death!

*The Gospel. I would probably have ended up pregnant before marriage without it. It's amazing to know everything I know. Especially to know this isn't the end and I can be still married and have my family with me even past death.

*Jesus Christ. He died for me and for all of us so that we can live again!!

*My bosses Joan and Craig who are so understanding and so compassionate. I am so blessed to be able to bring Hayden to work with me so we can have some extra money

*My mom for allowing us to live in her home, even though I complain a lot about how my dad didn't finish it all the way, it's a roof over our heads and I'm so grateful for that.

*My brother Jason, he is such an amazing example to me. He completely turned his life around and now I love spending time with him.

*Emily, Jason's girlfriend. She is so sweet and I really enjoy getting to know her. I love seeing her and Jason together. The cherish each other and absolutly adore each other.

*My grandma. She is soooo willing to help out without asking questions. I lived with her for 10 months and paul even lived with her too (separate rooms) right before we got married so he wouldn't have to pay another month's rent. She has let so many people (a stranger even) live with her at different times and she just deals with all the stuff that they do and I'm not even willing to open my house to my sister.

*My sister Wendy. She's always been a good example. Even when I would get annoyed of her she was always my best friend growing up. It made it hard for me to move to Alabama without her.

*My dad who has overcome so much in his life and its been fun and neat to get to know him, now that I'm an adult, as a person instead of just my dad.

*My other mom Cindy. She's just so amazing and fun to be around and she doesn't hesitate to help us out when we need it, even though she's all the way in Germany. I love spending time with her so much!

*My other dad Bill. I feel like I don't get enough time with him but I love him so much. He's such an amazing person.

*Paul's brother's Billy and Kevin. They just accepted me right from the start and I feel so loved around them and paul's whole family.

*The fact that we are able to live comfortably and not have to worry about being cold at night or how to get dinner at night.

*My car. It's not super nice or even pretty, but it drives nice and gets great gas milage ($13 last fill up :) and its paid for. I don't care that its ugly, I like it because I paid for it and its mine.