Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I'm so excited for Christmas this year. Paul's parents are coming from Germany this year and Paul's brother Billy and his family are coming from Vegas. I've been making some things at work. I mustn't tell what though because one of them is a Christmas gift for someone on blogspot. I'll post pictures of that later.... Today I've been google-ing christmas crafts and I'm soooo excited to get started on some of them! I found some christmas trees made of semi circles of fabric stacked together :) Also I found a little wreath christmas ornament made of buttons. And table setting name tag things made of a slice (for lack of better word) of tree branch and then a little bit of the tree inserted into a hole in the tree branch to make a baby sized tree and the star has the name of the person sitting there. Also (this is my favorite) I found soup cans that are snowmen! You just paint your soup can white and add the face and a strip of fabric as a scarf, then just fill it with goodies :) I found most of them at Marthastewart.com but some where other places I don't remember.

I found some really good recipes at familyrecipesandmore.com too! I can't wait to try some of those!

I'm also excited because Hayden turns 3 months on Saturday. He stays awake more during the day, and is also more cranky. He laughs a lot and is starting to bat at toys and play with a little stuffed kangaroo we got at San Diego Zoo. He sucks on everything! His pacifier no longer serves a purpose it seams because he screams with it still in his mouth. He can't be alone in a room for more than a few minutes before he decides he's bored and needs someone to talk to or look at. He talks to us a lot and has fun facial expressions to go with it. oh did I mention he has been sleeping through the night? He was 9 weeks old when he first did it (the weekend before thanksgiving) oh it has been nice. He goes to bed anywhere between 8 and 9 and sleeps until 5 before he's hungry so I feed him and back to sleep until 7 and thats when we get up for the day.

I learned to crochet this past weekend. We were going to go look at temple lights but paul got sick so we couldn't go... plus we didn't have any extra money. My boss has been making beanie hats for the homeless for the humanitarian for her ward (my grandma is the person in charge and my boss is her visiting teacher). She uses this round thing with pegs on it so its really easy, but I wanted to learn to crochet. My grandma and mom and 2 of my sisters know how so I went onto youtube... you can find anything there... and watched a video and well I learned! Paul wants me to make him a scarf.


*Katie May* said...

Sounds like you found a lot of neat things! How long is Cindy in town for?

cluffgirl said...

Sounds cool, I love making Christmassy crafts! We are excited to go to Pima and see everyone, that's awesome that Cindy is coming too!

Emily said...

You learned how to crochet?! I've been wanting to learn forever. I'm quite impressed with all your craft endeavors! And little Hayden's so cute! Hopefully I can come visit again sometime in January.

Taryn said...

I'm freakin cracked up that you learned how to crochet from You Tube, It is so true though that you can learn anything on there! Your little Christmas Crafts sound so cute, I've actually seen the snowman soup can thing before and they are really cute. Thats so cool that you can sit at work and make crafts...lucky!

Reeds said...

You are very crafty-how fun! Have a very Merry Christmas and we'll probably see you you this weekend.