Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HP printer ink deal at WM

right now at walmart buy any HP ink combo (black and color) for 32.97, save a dollar, plus they give you a 10 dollar WM gift card to be used the next time you go!!

I sure hope y'all have an HP printer :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

stolen, or forgotten

Thursday or Friday Paul took the debit card to work and got gas and munchies for work. The next day when I went to get gas, it wasn't in my wallet. When I got home and asked him where it was, he said in my wallet, in the truck. He search his wallet, his truck, his scrubs, the house. It was nowhere. I told him we should cancel it just in case, but I thought it fell out of his pocket at work so I didn't worry about it. Sunday I get a call from the credit union security check people and they asked about several purchases made that day, and if I did it. Nope, our card has been lost since Thursday. So someone has it and it buying stuff.... a prepaid phone, cricket.com stuff, and gas. So the card got cancelled and today I have to go get a new card and talk to them about getting our money back. Paul can't remember if he left it somewhere or what happened so it either got forgotten at the gas station or someone somewhere stole it somehow.