Thursday, July 30, 2009


I am so excited right now I just had to post this. Marie talked to me a little about coupons last week and I started looking into it to see what I could find. On Walgreens website I saw their ad had coupons for Ajax soap and Ajax cleaning powder. The soap was BOGO and the powder was 3/.99! So I got 2 bottles of soap and 3 things of powder Ajax and only spent $3!! Also on the website that Marie suggested it said wait until things are on sale to use your coupons to maximize your savings... well Bashas is having a sale 3/.99 on Beech Nut baby food and I found a $2 off of 20 coupon! Also I had $10 on my food stamps card and saved $10 with my bashas card. Making my total out of pocket spending 0.03!! (it was for the tax on the coupon or something) I can't believe this! I thought I was doing pretty well on saving by not buying the expensive brands etc... But MAN!! Also Walgreens has a coupon for soy or milk based formula (25 oz can) for 9.99!! Thats a $15 savings! I couldn't believe that when I saw it! I'm just starting to learn, but I'm already addicted!

Thank you Marie!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

23 already!!

Happy Birthday to me!! I turned 23 on Monday! I had an awesome birthday that really started on Thursday. Kaitlyn and Taryn took me out to lunch (taryn went on vacation so we did it sooner) Then I had an awesome camping trip weekend. Then my day started with Paul getting me chocolate doughnuts! Then he shoved one in my face...

Here is my cake :D
And here is Paul decorating it, not too bad I'd have to say!

For lunch Michele, Marie and Tiffany all took me out to lunch (How awesome are my girlfriends!) and we had a blast!
My brother and his Fiance Emily got me a bag of goodies! It was 2 yummy smelling candles, a candle warmer and some awesome fruit smiles!!! Thanks guys!
And of course I got a call from all my family (some on top of others!) and Paul's parents sent me money!!
That night Brian, Marie, and Paul cooked up some yummy ribs and we ate the cake and some homemade ice cream! Paul got me some kitchen stuff... a meat mallet, a meat thermometer, a barbeque sauce brush, and a tomato slicer! All of which I have needed for a while! YAY!! It was such a good birthday I had a great time! Thank you to everyone!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Paul applied to get into the nursing program for fall 2009. He got a letter that he was going to be an alternate. That was one of the main reasons we ended up going to Seattle. Last night paul came and woke me up and said he got an email saying some people decided not to take their spots and he was chosen to be accepted! We are so incredibly excited and blessed that this has happened!! YAY! GO PAUL!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day Campout

All of our Pima friends decided to go up to Don and Robin's cabin on Mt. Graham for the weekend. It was a lot fun! Most of the couples arrived Thursday evening. We arrived Friday evening, right after it finished raining up there. We set up camp and hung out. That night it rained most of the night and it seemed no one slept well. Saturday the boys went fishing, and Paul caught 3 fish! Sorry I forgot to take a picture of that. We hung out most of the day and then had a pot luck dinner with all of the other cabins. It started raining pretty hard and lightning pretty loud. Paul and I just grabbed our food and headed back to the cabin. On our way back lightning struck this tree...

See where the bark is missing? Yeah it landed right in front of us. We couldn't have been more than 20 or 30 feet away from this tree when it happened. It was scary and really loud! We slept well that night and most everyone else seemed to also. Sunday morning everyone started packing before church and then everyone ran over to a near by cabin and this is what we saw...

That black fuzz by Beckie's head in the middle of the picture... it was a bear.

That's about it. It was my first time staying the night in a tent (that wasn't in my backyard) and I'd have to say I'd do it again!