Thursday, July 7, 2011


Wednesday was my birthday and as usual, Paul spoiled me! He kept asking me what I wanted and I reminded him that the "Just A Pinch" action set he bought me a month ago was my gift. I woke up to my camera set up on a tripod! I seriously stood there for like 30 seconds in shock! I told Paul too bad our camera doesn't have a motion sensor cause that would have been a classic picture. He made me a delicious breakfast of French Toast with strawberries and home made whip cream. After breakfast he pulled out another present! I couldn't believe it. A camera bag! I needed one so bad. For dinner we got pizza and a movie and after it got dark we set up the tripod outside and drew with sparklers.

Paul's attempt. He forgot he was supposed to write backwards!

My attempt....

Hayden playing...

I told Paul I wanted a party, mostly because friends that we don't see very often were in town and it was a good excuse to get together. So Friday Clint and Tiffany were so wonderful to lend their house to us for a few hours. It was so fun. Someone ordered pizza and everyone brought some sort of goodies! My homemade ice cream was a hit! It was such a fun night! A special thanks to Clint and Tiffany for letting us borrow their home! Love you guys!