Monday, October 26, 2009

bird, pig?

no just the regular flu.... it's going to be a crappy week for me.

procrastination to get things done

there's nothing like procrastinating doing a paper to get the X box fixed. paul had a paper to write the other day, but of course he didn't want to start it, so he registered the X box instead and we are going to send it in soon!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

lost, stolen? No, just forgotten

A few days ago I was outside pulling hayden around in his wagon and I decided to take some pictures. Well after I was done I set the camera on the hood of paul's truck. Forgot about it and now its probably in some random passer-by's hands. I just hope they are enjoying the adorable pictures of my sweet hayden in his wagon. Yes we did go looking for it, but so many people go running and such down my street so its long gone. I guess we needed a new one anyway.... any suggestions?

beans beans the magical fruit

Thursday Tiffany was so kind as to show me how to can some beans using a pressure cooker. It sure takes a long time but it is well worth it!! I'd have pictures but well.... see next post. So thank you so much Tiffany, I am very grateful!