Saturday, October 10, 2009

lost, stolen? No, just forgotten

A few days ago I was outside pulling hayden around in his wagon and I decided to take some pictures. Well after I was done I set the camera on the hood of paul's truck. Forgot about it and now its probably in some random passer-by's hands. I just hope they are enjoying the adorable pictures of my sweet hayden in his wagon. Yes we did go looking for it, but so many people go running and such down my street so its long gone. I guess we needed a new one anyway.... any suggestions?


*Katie May* said...

I think you should leave a note on the hood and that says 'Thanks so much for stealing my camera I didn't mind at all Jerk!!' You know they will be passing by again. Anyway I love my 'Canon Powershot'
That's great you did beans.

Clint and Tiffany said...

Before I decided to go all gung-ho and buy a camera WAAY to expensive for me, I looked at a Kodak Easyshare 12.0mp. They're normally pretty expensive, but there was a store on ebay that sold them refurbished {I know, that's bad but read on} and they had been tested and deemed just-out-of-the-factory worthy. They were just over $100, had HD quality pic/video and 12mp isn't too bad either! Another option we looked at was a waterproof Olympus that Dustin has and highly recommends. It was a little more pricey though, over $200 if I remember right. For what it's worth!

Andy and Michele said...

Oh, that's a sad story! I need a new camara too, so I'm going to see what advice everyone has for you!

Reeds said...

Darn it all! I am sorry your camera got swiped. Maybe they'll return it :)
Well keep your hope high anyways. And canning beans sounds fun-at least when your done right! :)