Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting Induced

Friday is the big day. I've been hoping that Hayden would get here sooner but after my check up today it doesn't look that way. She checked me again and I'm only at 1 and a half. I thought for sure I would be at 3 at least but not so lucky. So I have to call at 6:30 am on Friday to schedule to get induced. Thursday we are going to be cleaning the whole house in prep for our new baby to come home. No one likes a dirty house anyway. I've heard of people that get induced only taking a few hours before the baby is actually born. My friend Kristen took 26 hours, so I don't really know what to expect. But I guess anything is better than a C section. So Marie, I guess if you come down this weekend you won't be disappointed because Hayden will be here. ;)

oh by the way... check out Regina Spektor, she's a little different with her music but I like her a lot. I recommend the song Fidelity.

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cluffgirl said...

Hey I didn't know you were a blogger! I saw your name on Clint and Tiffany's blog! You better post some pictures of Hayden, we cant wait to see him! I hope you are feeling okay, call me or e-mail me if you need anything or just wanna talk! my e-mail is, cluffgirl@hotmail.com