Saturday, September 8, 2012


The day after we bought our Sentra, I called thdealership to cancel the warranty that was $2000 and clearly a waste of money. (we were tired by then and were not thinking clearlyThe guy told me he would take care of it.  Now, a month later I'm trying to get our financing moved over to the credit union and I called thdealership to make sure the warranty was cancelled.  WELL..... it sure wasn't. AND the man who did our financing no loner works there, so I have to explain everything to this new guy.  And what does he do? he tried to convince me to reconsider.  For like 10 minutes!  he offered to up thcoverage to 4 years.  I called Paul and he said to just cancel it.  After trying to call him back 4 times, I spoke with someone else in financing and he offered to take a message, after I told him that I call all the time (for a different stupid problem) and no one returns my calls and I will try back, I ended up hanging up on him, almost in tears. I feel bad now because I had never even talked to that man.   oops.  I  gave up for the day, completely frustrated.  Paul told me he would take care of it on Saturday.  So today I ended up calling them back today and I spoke with Brad again, the one who tried to talk me out of cancelling, and this time I gave him a piece of my mind.  I told him I needed to cancel it and get a full refund (since I oriinally called the day after I purchased the car) and after him trying to up thcoverage again to 60 months, he finally told me that I needed to come in and fill out a form.  ARE YOU KIDDING!?!?!!  And yes I really said that.  I live 4 hours from you.  (I would  have went in a long time ago if I lived closer) and his response was I will TRY to get someone to mail it on Monday.  I said, you will TRY?!?!  NO, the last time someone said they would mail something on Monday was a month ao and it STILL isn't here.  So I plan to head to Queen Creek for haydens birthday in 2 weeks.  If I don't have that stupid form by then, they will be very, VERY sorry.  

Different stupid problem... when we got the car thsalesman told us he owed us floor mats, a key FOB battery, another key, and a check for gas. he said he would mail it Monday.  It has been over a month and it still isn't here. I called about 2 weeks ago and he said it mailed 2 days prior. well, where the bleep is it?!?!  It doesn't take 2 weeks to mail something  200 miles.  So you can see why I'm a little upset.  All of this on top of me calling and leaving multiple messages with several people over the entire month.   I'm so completely frustrated. And in my gut I just know that its going to take me walking in there to get anything done.  Maybe Monday Ill be taking a road trip.

Moral of the story.  NEVER buy a car from out of town. NEVER.

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