Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day

We were finally able to make it up to Columbine.  Last year Paul had just started his new job as a nurse and couldn't ask for days off.  In July Paul was sick so we didn't go up that weekend.  It was such a nice break from the heat!  So many people went up this year and it made it fun to have so many kids for Hayden to play with.  

Some of the men made a swing for the kids to play on.  It started as a hammock and rope but later turned into a board and rope.  The kids had a blast on it!

...And so did Paul.  :)

All the kids constantly had a dirty face. Either from wiping noses or crying and wiping their tears with their dirty hands.  

There were 5 or so kids that were all 3, 4 of which were blonde boys.  

We went on a little drive down the road to the raspberry patches.  Some of us climbed the hills and picked a bunch of them.  I played it safe and stayed on the road.

Here's Paul up on the hill, his cup was full by the time he came down.

I mean, JUMPED down.  

 Hayden had a car and decided that driving it in the back of the truck was more fun that the raspberries. 

We ended up only staying Saturday night, because Paul had allergies or a cold and didn't sleep well. But it was well worth the trip up. We had a blast!!  Can't wait for Fall to finally arrive!


Andy and Michele said...

Cute pictures! That was a fun weekend.

Emily said...

I'm still sad that we didn't make it in July. Maybe next summer we can do a little camping together? Who knows but it's fun to imagine it!!