Monday, August 27, 2012

Puddle of fun

Dear Emily, My mommy wanted to experiment with shooting in RAW so I said, "OK mom, I have a great idea...."


"... You can play around with your camera, and I will play in this water, deal?"

"Mom, can I sit in it?!!  Can I????!!!"

"Watch THIS!!!"


"... And then I got to take a bath."

"Miss you Aunt EM"



Emily said...

Oh my goodness. A whole blog written to meee! I feel so special, now I'm grinning ear to ear. These pictures look really really good! Well done with the RAW. I'm so afraid of RAW. And little Hayden. He looks so much like Paul in the first picture. Not that's that any big surprise. I'm also kind of amazed at how clean he stayed considering he was sitting in a puddle. Haha!

Andy and Michele said...

Cute! Luv him just sitting in the puddle!