Thursday, August 16, 2012

A "quick" little update

 I'm sure this won't be very quick. HA!

Paul started working in Willcox at their nursing home in July.  He likes it so far.  He's hoping to be able to move over to the ER eventually. He was taking the civic (oh yeah, we bought Katie and Brendan's '06 Civic last September, and we LOVE it!!) to work, and I was driving the truck around. No big deal, except, this is Arizona, and it is summer, and the truck doesn't have A/C.  BOO.  So after a while of this we decided that we should look into getting a commuter car.  We looked at an '89 Honda CRX for $1000 but decided we wanted something that will last longer than a few years.  So we looked at local dealerships and found a Sentra that we liked, but we didn't like the price and they wouldn't come down to a price we did like. I looked online after the first time we test drove the Sentra that was here in town but didn't find anything similar.  So Paul went back the next week and tried to talk the price down again. No luck, so we walked away.  I got online again and the first car that popped up was an '09 Nissan Sentra in Avondale.   So we jumped in the car and headed down. We got there at 5 and drove it a few times. The price started at 13,900, marked down to 12,900 and had an internet price of 11,900.  So the price was $3,000 less than the Sentra we looked at here.  We bought it that night.

The out the door price on this Sentra ended up being the sticker price of the local one. HA!  We win.

 Don't mind the towel, out floor mats haven't come yet.   Paul loves it! It has cruise control so he can just enjoy his music and the drive.  And it has hands free bluetooth so he can call me on his way home.

In other news.... Hayden is potty trained! :)  After about a year of trying to get him interested, he practically potty trained himself.    

Beth gave us some pull ups after Quinton was potty trained.  It was Maelee's birthday and they were doing a water party and I didn't have any swim diapers left so I stuck him in a pull up. After a few minutes he said he needed to go potty.  So I took him and he went!  So he got a sticker and a little dollar store toy and lots of high fives.  Well after a few days he was doing so good that all his dollar store toys were gone his sticker chart was getting full.  At first he was asking for a diaper when he needed to poop but I kept reminding him that he would get a sticker and treat if he went and he would. After about 2 weeks of using his little frog potty he was refusing to pee anywhere but home because he was scared of the big potty. I told him he should go potty standing up like daddy does and it isn't scary if he were to stand and if he did he would get a quarter in his jar and he could buy a big cool toy with his potty money.   So while we were doing the dishes one day he said he needed to go potty and I said how about standing up and get quarters so he did.  And he's been doing awesome!!  He only had one accident (from holding it too long because he was scared of the big potty at the friends house)    So thank you Beth for the Pull ups! 

In January we repainted the living room and kitchen.   And got new furniture. Pictures to come!  

We put baby number 2 (well 3 I guess) on hold for now. We currently don't have insurance because of Paul's job changing. He's on a 3 month probation period before he gets insurance and who knows how long their policy will make us wait before they will cover a baby. So I'm thinking we won't be able to try until April or something.

That's all for now... I guess I'll clean my house to get more pictures! :)


Emily said...

YAY! I checked earlier yesterday and nothing was up and I forgot to check again. This is a nice little update. I'm jealous of your cars and Hayden's cool underwear. I'm pretty sure he's grown since I saw him! Sad. And rude about Paul's health insurance. Don't they realize people have important things to do, like have babies?!?

Reeds said...

Yay for the job and Yay for the potty training!