Friday, January 23, 2009


Dr. Susan Puls, cardiologist working for the Church. Specializing in pandemics:

A pandemic is coming not maybe but DEFINITEY coming! It is expected within the next 2 years! When it comes the healty people who are not infected will be quarantined into their homes for 3-4 months. GET YOUR 3 MONTH SUPPLY NOW! The bird flu is only one mutation away from being easily trasmitted from birds to humans and from human to human. The WHO expect 40% of the world's population to become ill and 50% of the sick will die. (1.4 billion people worldwide).

Get your supply of food and just be prepared! I'm also buying clothes for hayden that are bigger like 2T sizes so he will have something to wear when it happens. :) Any other thoughts or suggesstions I love to hear them :)

Not to scare you just to inform you... but I'm sure you've already heard.


Ashley said...

We have all been instructed by the prophets to have a food supply. For me that is enough reason to do so. It's hard for me to believe that half of the population is going to die in 3 months time by sick birds but I guess it's possible. Thanks for the warning.

Taryn said...

sure have not heard. thanks for FREAKIN me out!