Sunday, February 1, 2009

Never ceases to amaze me

I don't mean to poke fun at an old lady but this is too funny not to share.

My grandma is really old and she has alzheimers so she is a little forgetful.

Story 1.

During the summer we had a little family party for my brother Darren who was visiting, we had some of those bug sticky trap things out but I moved them so they wouldn't get stepped on, well my grandma found them and what did she do? She poked it. So, it stuck to her finger. In order to get her finger off of it she put her wrist on it. Well her finger came off but then her wrist was stuck. About this time Paul intervenes and comes and pulls the sticky trap off of her.

Story 2.

My dad and grandma came over just to visit one day and they got up to leave. My dad went to the door and my grandma went to the window only to say "how do you get out of this place?"

Story 3.

This was last night. Jason and Emily cooked an amazing dinner for us and my dad and grandma. When my dad and grandma arrived I went to greet them at the door. They were getting out of the car and my dad says "don't worry about it." Then my grandma got out and lo and behold she forgot to put one shoe on. she comes to the door and says "I guess I forgot to put my shoe on."

Even though my grandma is old and a little forgetful, she's still pretty cool.


*Katie May* said...

those were fun :)

Andy and Michele said...

That's so going to be me! That's so cute though. I like your grandma already!

Taryn said...

I love old peeps, they are so dang cute!

Emily said...

Hehe... she's a funny lady