Wednesday, March 10, 2010

weening day 3

Well the rest of yesterday went awesome! I nursed him after his nap but only for like 3 mins and the rest of the day when he got cranky I just offered him juice or milk from his "special sippy" and he ate really well! he pretty much took whatever I offered him and ate it. I guess he wasn't a good eater before because I would nurse on demand. I did end up nursing him at bedtime but he didn't go to sleep with it, he rolled around for a while then fell asleep. Also I nursed him throughout the night... but I will work on that later I think. today at nap time he didn't want anything but a ride in the stroller, I think he wasn't really ready for a nap though. So after a while of the stroller not working we just let him play. Then i took Michele's advice and nursed him but not until he was asleep. He was relaxed and I pulled him off and he screamed so I let him nurse a little longer and when he was almost asleep I pulled him off and he whined a little then was out. I don't know if that's the way she was talking about or what but by that point he fell asleep fast by nursing because he was so tired. I'm just happy he's eating better and nursing less. So hopefully by April 1st he'll be independent. Sorry if these posts get old, but it helps to write stuff down. Thank you everyone for your advice and support, it REALLY helps!!


Andy and Michele said...

Yeah!! Oh, I'm so glad that he's eating and that it's getting easier. Keep it up!!! I would definately worrry about the day first and then the night rather than trying to do both at the same time. Good job!

Clint and Tiffany said...

Hoorah for Mommy winning the fight! Keep it up and it will get easier and easier every day. There will be days where he suddenly lapses back, but just push through them and don't give in - he's just testing his limits and seeing if he can catch you off guard! Kids are stinkers like that!

Reeds said...

Wow, it sounds like you have been busy! It sounds like you are doing awesome though! Good for you! Sleeping and eating is one of the hardest things with little ones, but it sounds like your life will be a little more like a piece of cake soon. Once you climb the mountain, you can sit at the top and enjoy the beauty.