Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We planned to fly to Hawaii early Monday morning and arrive in the evening. There would be 2 layovers, 1 in SLC and 1 in LA. Since the flights were space available there was a chance we could have gotten stuck in either of those places. Billy called us Saturday and we finally found out how much the plane tickets would be. We had about $500 to spend on flights, hotel, and rental car so if the tickets were too much, we wouldn't go.

That's exactly what happened. We all, even Billy, expected each ticket to be around 100 to 150. But it turned out that they were closer to 200-250. With hotel prices and rental car, even with Priceline's help, we just couldn't afford it. As fun as it would have been to go to Hawaii right before school started, it just wasn't practical to come home and not be able to pay bills.

So, we came to Queen Creek and plan on going to Sunsplash with Brian and Marie today. 'Cause that swim suit Taryn gave me just looks way too good on me!! :) Yesterday we saw Inception with them and Brendan (Brian's brother). I recommend it. And tomorrow Cindy and I are going to Thrift Stores... yep that's right. I'm excited!

So I still get to have fun in the sun as a birthday gift, just a less expensive one. And I don't have to worry about Hayden for 3 days. I'm not too bummed about not going. There will be another chance.


Andy and Michele said...

Yeah, plane tickets to Hawaii are way expensive. You just have to keep watching until there's a killer deal (they happen every now and then.) I'm sorry that you don't get to go anymore, that's a bummer. But Hayden will love sunsplash! How fun to hang out with Brian & Marie for a few days!

cluffgirl said...

Sorry your Hawaii trip didn't work out :( We were pretty much in the same boat, we were gonna go to California this week but decided it was just gonna be cutting it to close. And as pesky as those bills are we gotta pay em :) SO I'm so glad that you guy's decided to come down here cause we have been having our mini vacation with you guy's! Sunsplash was so much fun (even though I am severely sunburned!). We HAVE to go again next year without kids :)

Emily said...

Bummer about expensive plane tickets... but it looks like you guys made the most of your trip to the valley. Glad to hear it!