Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I caught you a delicious bass

Paul's parents came down for conference and we decided to go fishing on Monday. Paul and Bill went to Cluff Ponds way earlier than I wanted to get up. Around 8 Paul called me and said "will you bring stuff to fix eggs?" I thought they caught a HUGE bass and wanted a skillet and some eggs to go with it. I get there and they had only caught one, which they threw back. Paul gets the eggs and bacon cooking and I grabbed a pole. I went on the dock and just started throwing my line out. As I was reeling it back, it felt a little bit heavier but I thought I just had some weeds or something... I pull it up and yell HOLY CRAP! Yeah it was tiny.... BUT it was my first fish ever. (there are other people around too, and they laughed at me) I yell for help and paul says to keep it in the water. As soon as it hit the water, it got off of the hook and swam away! I was going to cook that thing!! Paul stops coming toward me and says "oh well it was tiny anyway." I realize that but I wanted a picture!

There was a guy down the lane that caught one this size and I took Hayden closer to see it. Later it started to rain and he didn't have windshield wipers so he had to leave. He felt bad for us so he gave us his last catch of the day. It was a pretty good size one. 2 to 3 pounds.

This is the one Dad caught, and is about the same size as the one I caught.


*Katie May* said...

Looks like a great morning of fishing!

Andy and Michele said...

Ha, what a great story! I can picture the whole thing. I know who to take fishing with me if I want to eat! How fun!

Ashley said...

Fun! I want to go fishing with you :)