Monday, February 14, 2011

To stay or not to stay?

Every time we meet with people and catch up, one of the questions that is always asked is "where are you guys going to move after Paul graduates?" The answer is always "we don't know, where ever we can get a job I guess." Well as of today we finally know where we are going to end up after Paul graduates. The answer: Right here in the good old GILA VALLEY! Paul has never like his job as a CNA (can you blame him?) but he knew that we needed the money, and they had a shift that worked with his school schedule (the night shift, bleh I know) and it was good experience for when he did start job hunting. But now that he's in his last semester and we are about to get our tax return and he wouldn't NEED to work until school is out, he thought about quitting his job. Since he hates it and all. (He doesn't mind the co-workers and such, just the butt wiping part). So today he went down to work and talked to his boss and asked if there would be a job there for him as a nurse once he graduated. Well the answer was definitely. She said she wouldn't promise that to just anyone so that made Paul feel appreciated and that he really is doing a good job (even though we all already knew that). I'm super excited! Now I'm not saying we'll be here forever, because eventually he wants to get his bachelors degree (EAC and ASU have teamed up so maybe we will stay forever!) But for now, we will be staying here for a while. :)

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*Katie May* said...

That's great! Congrats! We'll enjoy you being here still :)