Saturday, March 19, 2011


It's been a while since I've updated so I thought I post a quick something.

Paul is still going strong in his last semester! February he spent 2 weekends in Phoenix for clinicals. This month he was able to be home every weekend. Next month, he is in Phoenix every single weekend. That is a lot of travel. I suggested they just have the whole class go up and just have the lectures up there for the whole month. It'll be: drive up there Wednesday after class, hang out Thursday, Friday and Saturday are clinicals all day, Sunday or Monday come back, Tuesday and Wednesday, lecture. Then it starts all over. Too much driving if you ask me. He is doing well with school work and tests. He decided to do his homework as it comes this semester and I can tell he is much more relaxed. He still works at Sunset Hills with Brendan. Paul was saying that his name was brought up in a meeting that Brendan went to and they had nothing but good things to say about his work ethic and performance. Paul also quit soda (with the occasional one at work). I know its been hard and he craves it, but he'd done so good so far. After a trip to the dentist a few weeks ago he said no more citric acid so he has mostly been on water.

Stephanie- I am still enjoying our calling in the nursery. Since the change of the year our group went from about 15-20 kids a week down to 10 or so. I have started going to Zumba about once a week. My friend Kaitlyn teaches one of the classes and my friend Taryn wanted to see what it was all about. We love it!! I can't help but smile the whole workout because its so fun! I'm always sore for at least 2 days afterwards. I would like to go back to school after Paul graduates. I want to learn more about photography, but also I think I may do something with accounting or something. I'm good with numbers and math comes very easy to me. Besides, you never know if something will happen and I need to get a job to support my family.

Hayden- After I babysat Brendan's kids and he saw Carsten going potty, Hayden wasn't scared of the toilet anymore and he let us set him on it. He has only gone potty in it once so far, but its a start. He is still nursing. (I'm a little embarrassed to admit it) It seems every time I'm ready to ween him and I'm determined, he gets sick. EVERY TIME! I'm in the process of painting the 3rd bedroom (that constantly had one of my siblings living in it) for Hayden, so he'll finally have his own room. He very much enjoys being outside for any reason. I'm not looking forward to summer when we can only stand the heat until about 11. I guess then we have to break out the pool ;) He still loves anything with wheels and drives them on anything flat. He's learning so much and talking really well. He loves to say prayers and sometimes makes us say 5 in a row! He can say one by himself and it goes something like this.... "Father.... Day.... Blessings.... Be safe.... Good dreams.... cars... light on... fan round round...." and then he names stuff he sees until I come in a finish the prayer. It is the cutest thing ever! At our WIC appointment the other day they got his height and weight... he's in the 13% for his height and 17% for his weight. But at least he isn't anemic anymore.

Family Life- We have been trying since about August to get pregnant. I think its the nursing that is preventing it. Paul does have a spot waiting for him as a nurse at the nursing home when he gets his RN. But he still wants to apply all over and see what happens. I planted our garden at the beginning of March. I really enjoy it. It is hard work tilling the ground by shovel and such but once the veggies arrive its so worth it. You've never had better peas or tomatoes than home grown ones. Hayden's favorite thing last summer was to pick the peas and eat them right out of the pod. I'm still trying to figure out exactly when to pick the food. Last year I picked the corn too late and the watermelon too early so we'll see I guess.

I guess that wasn't a quick something but there you go... if you even made it through that.


*Katie May* said...

I wish you guys the best of luck with everything!!

Cindy G. Clites said...

Great post Stephanie! I love to hear your thoughts!!! I am so proud of both you and Paul! 2 very accomplished determined people.

Ashley Marie said...

Fun fun! I'm so jeoulous of your garden, that's one thing I wanted with a house but we bought a townhouse instead so the wait continues. I can't believe I still haven't meet you baby, he's going to be all grown up soon.

Emily said...

That's cool that you want to go back to school. It's crazy to hear how much Hayden is growing - his prayers sound so cute!!
You should come up one weekend with Paul and visit us!!! mmk?

Andy and Michele said...

Just hearing Pauls schedule wears me out! Hayden is just too cute with his prayers and all. I don't even want to think about potty-training, blah! Good job with all your projects and such.