Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2 long years

2 years of prerequisites.
2 years of Nursing school.
Many, MANY trips to phoenix.
Lots and LOTS of hours studying.
Way too much stress.
Way too many energy drinks consumed.
More hours in class than at home.
Service hours.
Clinical Simulation time.
Shots given.
Playtime missed out on.
Massages given.
Pain medication taken.
Books purchased.
Books read.
Information learned.
Knowledge gained.

2 years ago we found out that Paul got accepted into the nursing program. We were so scared and so excited and so overwhelmed all at the same time. I know that he will be a good nurse. I'm so proud him for all of his hard work, long hours and dedication. He amazes me with how much he knows. There was not a doubt in my mind that he would pass that test. All of his long hours and hard work have finally paid off. He is officially PAUL LINCOLN CLITES, Registered Nurse! And I couldn't be more proud!! I love you Paul, Congratulations!


Beth said...

Congratulations to Paul! And to you too for surviving the two years. :)

Reeds said...

YEAH!! Go Paul! Thank heavens that 2 hard years is now behind your family!

Ashley Marie said...

That's amazing!! Good for Paul! Now, can I call him whenever I have a medical question?? j/k (haha, that "j/k" totally reminded me of middle school).

Emily said...

I love all of this. We're incredibly happy for you guys!

Andy and Michele said...

That's just awesome to see all his hard work paid off! Good job Paul! And way to support him Steph, you know you played a big part in it too!