Saturday, November 26, 2011

What a great Thanksgiving!

We had an awesome Thanksgiving! We went to San Tan Valley to be with Paul's family. We picked up Paul's brother Kevin from the airport that evening and just hung out and saw lots of family. Kevin's girlfriend Linda was also there so it was good to FINALLY meet her! Our Thanksgiving day feast actually went from an expect 20 or so people to just our immediate family so it was nice.

That night we (Cindy, Linda and I) made our way to Walmart for BLACK FRIDAY stuff. IT WAS NUTS! It was bumper to bumper shopping cart traffic. We got there at 9:58 and made our way through the craziness and I got everything I wanted.... but what I wanted wasn't anything in too high of demand.... a few sets of sheets and a telescope. After maybe 20 minutes of pushing through the crowd we stood in line for 45 minutes and then found Cindy (she parked the car for us and had left her phone at home so we didn't see here the entire time we were shopping). When we got outside it was pouring rain! It just made the night that much more fun! It was my first CRAZY black Friday experience, last year wasn't nearly as bad, but we went to Target and it was a bit after the sale had started.

But the highlight of our vacation was Friday. Bill has been asking us since we got married when would be a good time to do his family's temple work. Well we FINALLY were able to get started on it. It was so special to be able to get baptized for these family members who I never even met. We all got so emotional when Bill was able to baptize Paul in behalf of his (Bill's) dad. It was a very special day. We planned on doing everything, even the sealing of Bill's parents but the temple was so busy that we were only able to do the baptism and initiatory of the ones that needed it in the amount of time we had.

Before we did baptisms we were told it would be an hour wait so we went over to the distribution center and Paul got new scriptures (somehow his mission ones managed to get lost) and we were FINALLY able to purchase our temple clothes! It was so awesome... I think that is the best early Christmas present I've ever received! We haven't been able to do a session at our own temple yet because they don't rent clothes and we didn't have our own. It was such a special day!

After about 2 months of me nagging, I mean gently reminding, Paul we FINALLY (yes, I realize everything is FINALLY happening) were able to make our way into the city and find a scrub store for Paul to get new scrubs. He only had 2 pairs of pants and one was girls and flare on the bottom and I had to sew it straight before he would wear them. We got him 2 new sets and the lady at the store was awesome and even gave us 10% off just because! (turns out that she got married at the Mt Graham golf course 2 years ago... small world!)

It was such a great vacation and visit and Thanksgiving! We wished we could have stayed longer but Paul had to work today and no one would trade :( but that's okay because I was really glad to get to go to Clint and Tiffany's baby shower!!


Cindy G. Clites said...

Amen sister!!!! hehehe!

Clint and Tiffany said...

Sounds like a GREAT Turkey Day!! Yay for doing Temple work! Someday I'll dive into all that and hopefully go crazy with it. :O) And yay for your own Temple clothes! THAT is truly exciting :OD