Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The day Paul stabbed me

Today Paul stabbed me. It wasn't on purpose of course but it was kind of funny.  Today Paul decided to help out with the cleaning.  And he decided to do the dishes of all things.  Which I thought was odd because it is the one thing he HATES to do more than anything.  I was clearing off the counters and loading a few things into the open dishwasher.  As I reached over to put a cutting board in, my hand, right in between my index and middle finger got a little slice.  I quickly said "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!"  Then noticed that Paul had loaded the very large and very sharp knives into the silverware holder BLADE SIDE UP!  Who does that!?!?!   I asked him why he loaded them into the dishwasher in such an unsafe manner and he said "because they will get cleaner that way."    uh huh..... sure they will. So Paul didn't directly stab me, and it was more like a paper cut (or the cut you get when the scissors go a little too far when cutting someones hair), BUT his strange thinking sure did get my poor, little hand sliced up.  But I can't help but laugh that he would load such a sharp knife into the dishwasher pointy side up. Silly boy.   But I am very grateful that he used part of his day off to help me with the cleaning :)

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Ashley Cruz said...

Haha!! I've almost done that a few times but noticed in time to fix it. Good for him for trying though. :)