Sunday, August 2, 2009


I'm really excited about a few things right now. First of all I'm excited that Paul was moved from an alternate in the nursing program to being accepted. I'm also excited that the class he took this summer term (Medical Dosage Calculations), which he had to pass with at least a 90%, he passed with a 92%! I'm excited that the WIA* program is trying to get extra funding for nursing students so we might just get into that too!! We are keeping our fingers crossed! I'm also excited because we got approved for food stamps which will save us sooooo much money. I'm excited that in 2 years Paul will be an RN!! Also that we can appeal and maybe get financial aid! WOOOO!!

Also we went yard selling yesterday and this one yard sale had like 5 car seats for sale so we looked them over and the lady explained them and we got one that is an all in one. From newborn until they don't need to be in a car seat anymore.... for $20! Its in super nice condition. We washed it all up and we love it!!

*WIA is a program that will pay for your tuition, books, scrubs, shoes, stethescope (sp?), and pay for gas and hotel for all out of town clinicals.


Taryn said...

lucky about the carseat, theyre so stinkin expensive brand new!

Andy and Michele said...

That IS exciting! Way to go Paul! I'm jealous about the carseat, what a great buy.

*Katie May* said...

thats great congrats!

Reeds said...

That is awesome! I hope you guys get all the supplies, I bet they are SO expensive! I have seen those newborn and on carseats and they really cool!