Friday, November 13, 2009

pictures and a video

a shot of hayden walking... in his cute overalls from grandma and grandpa clites!! :)
his new favorite thing to do.... climb up the back of the couch! he's good at it too.

And of course.... a video of my sweet baby all grown up and walking! don't mind the mess.



*Katie May* said...

He's such a doll!

Andy and Michele said...

I love the overalls! So cute! I love his walk. And he climbs up the couch? That's not safe! What a boy!

Cindy G. Clites said...

That looks like such a happy boy, and such a tired (but proud!) mom!

Emily said...

Ohh SO cute! I love how wobbly he is in the video! That's just adorable

Reeds said...

Once my kids learn to climb the couch I have to move my furniture because I have tile right behind the couch. I love him in overalls. It's amazing how different they become once they can walk. Sometimes more wiggly other times just content to be able to get around by themselves.