Wednesday, November 11, 2009


we weened Hayden from the pacifier this week. His pacifier was so old that it started getting sticky, so we bought some more but he wouldn't take the new one so we just continued the old one until Monday when he bit a hole in it. So I'd give him that one and when he decided he didn't like it he'd throw it, so I gave him the new one and he'd throw that one too, so I just said well its time for him to be done anyway... Monday night he went all night without needing it, all day tuesday without it, and last night without it. He's been a little cranky today but not nearly as bad as I expected and he sleeps better and longer without it. Man I'm glad this has been sooooo easy so far. I couldn't ask for it to be better!

He's getting better everyday at walking. He only falls down when he gets so excited and tries to run. He's all over the place!! It's so fun though, I can finally take him in our backyard and just let him cruise!

Also our Xbox should be arriving soon! We shipped it out 2 weeks ago and when we filled out the stuff online to get the shipping sticker thing it said total cost $0.00!! So we are really hoping that we don't get a surprise bill in the mail.

Paul's still recovering well, still soar and in pain, but he doesn't complain. A lot of times I say "glad to see you're feeling better" because of how he's acting and he says I'm not I just wanted to tickle you... ha ha! Ever since the surgery he's had a swollen soar throat and can't really taste anything. We made a follow up appt with the surgeon's office and today they called to see how he's recovering and he told them about the no taste and such and he found out that he has THRUSH!!! ugh.... first the flu, then the surgery, now this!! Poor Paul! But at least they got him a RX that we'll pick up today so he'll be all better. They said sometimes, but rarely, thrush happens after surgery.... and I said yeah rarely, like how its rare to get a spinal headache after an epidural, yet I got one... our family has bad luck with anesthesia!


Taryn said...

goodness gracious...he's had one sickness after another!

Andy and Michele said...

Oh my goodness. That poor husband of yours! I've yet to ween Briggs of the pacifier, let's pray it's that easy for me! I'm weening him from nursing right now, so next will come the pacifier!

Cindy G. Clites said...

When it rains, it pours! Wow Stephanie, you are like SUPER MOM!