Monday, May 24, 2010

Can't catch a break!

Our poor Hayden has been to the clinic at least 5 times these past 2 weeks. It all started on a monday when his K9's decided to hurt. He started pulling on his ears so I took him in. Nothing. By Friday he definitely had an ear infection so we went back. The doc prescribed Amoxcicillin, which he's had before. When I picked it up at the pharmacy it was this nasty tasting white kind that I remember hating as a kid. I couldn't get him to take it so I called the pharmacy and had it traded out for the pink bubble gum kind. phew! A few days later he got thrush from the antibiotic. Here we go again.... Back to the doc. Yep he sure has it. With 6 days left of the antibiotic, he now has to start 10 days of this Thrush medicine. Which thankfully tastes ok. By now, If I give him one medicine, he points to the other and even wants more when I'm done. Yesterday when I changed his diaper in the morning he has all kinds of red itchy bumps all over his body. Except his face and feet. So is it chicken pox? Which he is vaccinated for. Could it be hives? How about a spider just got trapped in his jammies and got really mad at him? Paul and I are out of ideas... so its back to the clinic today. UGH! I feel so bad for him. He's relatively happy though considering. He hasn't eaten anything new or used a new soap or anything. He hasn't be around anything new. We just don't know.


*Katie May* said...

I hope they find out what is wrong and he gets well soon :)

The Penrod Family said...

To me, it sounds like an allergic reaction to me!!

Clint and Tiffany said...

Yeah, that sounds like allergies! Keahi did that a few months ago. Then the next day her fingers and toes got all swollen. They put her on a steroid for a week and had me use Zyrtec instead of Benedryl. She hasn't had too much else happen since, so hopefully that's a good sign for Hayden... right?