Saturday, May 8, 2010

eyes / Happy Mother's day

I pray no one dies of boredom while reading this

I went to the eye doctor 3 weeks ago. I hate that my Rx is only good for a year. $90 I have to waste every year on a new exam all because I can't remember when I last had an exam. Plus 34.99 per box. Oh but I can save $60 if I buy the whole year's worth for only $219! Do I look rich? I've been on my last pair for 2 months. One of which is my right eye contact in my left eye because I ran out of left contacts. Yes my eyes are slightly different.

My Rx didn't change one bit. They had an old chart so according to him it did. I know better. My right eye is a little fuzzy. Read the letters please.... G or C maybe.

Astigmatism. The unique curvature of the eye. My contacts have weights in them so they sit just right. So I can't watch TV laying down or they rotate and my vision becomes blurred. I'm so blind that my super thick contacts suck up all the moisture. Constant dryness. Use those drops he says. GRR. I hate drops. I would probably go through a bottle in a week if I cared to use them. Without my contacts I can't see farther than 2 inches in front of me. Dropping a contact is the worst. I'm down on my hands and knees looking for it. NOBODY MOVE!

Worse than all of this though are my glasses and my OCD. I hate glasses. The eye person at the vision center put the dot in the wrong place. When I bought my frames I put them on and looked straight and they put a dot on the lenses to know exactly how to position my lenses for the best vision possible. I have to tilt my head up to see clearly. Then there is "eye grease." When my glasses touch my eye lid and the oils from my skin leaves a smudge on my lenses. Oh that drives me so crazy. I HATE GLASSES. But I do love the way that Hayden say's EYES as he hands me my glasses in the morning (as I hope he doesn't get fingerprints on the lenses).

Also I hate cold sores, which I get when I think "its been a while since I had a cold sore"

On a lighter note. For all of you mom's and future moms out there..Happy Mother's day! You are all such great moms!

10 things I love about being a mom

1. Having my full time job be my son. It's way better than money
2. The smiles, giggles, hugs and kisses that are just so much more special when they come from your child, nothing can compare
3. His chubby little legs that look so cute when he's in just a diaper and shirt
4. I get a whole day dedicated to the fact that I'm raising a child. 1 day when people say, Thank you for what you do.
5. The way that only I can make him feel better.
6. That time when he was at Robin's house and cried and cried (sorry Katie) and as soon as I showed up he gave me a huge hug and kiss then he was all better and played fine.
7. The way he comes looking for me in the kitchen or bathroom because that's usually where I am
8. The fact that I miss him just as much as he misses me when we are apart.
9. The way I felt when I first held him
10. The way I feel right now

The temple dedication is drawing near. I love how even though the outside looks like a lot of other temples the inside is unique in that it has our valley painted on the wall. I love that a temple is 5 minutes away from my house. I hope Paul and I will make the time to go at least once a month if not once a week.


Andy and Michele said...

I love your 10 reasons!! And I am so sorry that you have such bad eye problems. How awful. So, as I was reading that, I totally thought you were going to say that for M.Day Paul is giving you that eye surgery!

Emily said...

Happy belated mother's day! I have terrible eyes and astigmatisms also. I'm completely hopeless without my ridiculously expensive contacts.