Friday, December 31, 2010

The end is in sight!

Paul just finished block 3 of the nursing program, which was pediatrics. It was a roller coaster! He spent his clinicals at Maricopa Medical Center. He would come home and just want to hold Hayden after seeing what some parents did to these poor children. Anyway... He saved all the time consuming homework until the last week of school and had to rush to get it finished in time. But those that turned it in on time got it back to fix it on the last week, so it was about the same anyway. He was very worried that he wouldn't pass this semester. (Even though I knew he would do great.) He got a call from his teacher on Tuesday and was talking to her for 2 hours! Turns out she lost one of his clinical packets and he had to tell her everything thing that was on it. All in all, he PASSED this semester with a B!! I'm very proud of him. We are almost there. Just one more semester and then the NCLEX test (or whatever its called) and he will be an RN!! WOOOOO!

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