Friday, October 24, 2008

Back to work, House guests, and exercise in the future??


Well I'm finally back to work. I worked all the way up to delivery. After being a week late I was induced so I knew exactly the day I would start my maternity leave, unless I went into labor on my own. My boss and I never really set an exact length of time that I would be gone and I felt bad for being out of work for so long so I decided to return to work on the 20th. That would mean I had exactly a month off. Joan (my boss) basically told me anywhere from a month to 6 weeks depending on how I was feeling. I was feeling quite bored at home so I made it a month. When I called her to tell her I would be coming back on the 20th she told me to plan on coming for just a couple hours in the mornings for a week or so until I get used to being down there. Man am I grateful for that. I don't think I could do 9-5 right away. I am really happy that its Friday. Even though I've only been going for 1/2 days, its nice to know I don't have to get up and get ready in the morning. Joan makes a quilt for all her grandkids when they get married and one of them is getting married in 2 weeks so she's had a quilt down at the store that she works on all day. She's had me help her and I've gotten pretty good. It almost makes me want to do one myself. Maybe if I had the quilt stands and tacks.... Which I'm sure aren't too hard to find...


Since Hayden is getting blessed on Sunday, Paul's older brother Billy is coming down, along with his wife and 4 kids. They will be staying at our house so Paul and I will be cleaning tomorrow. I like having people over and being a hostess. I hope that I have enough energy to cook breakfast for them Sunday morning. I make some dang good waffles (its my mom's recipe) and then Paul's mom's syrup recipe is amazing with it too! (let me know if you want either one) Paul's going to cook his mom's spaghetti for dinner Saturday night. YAY. I can't wait until Hayden gets a little older so he can actually play with his cousins. It'll be fun to see them, the last time I did, Danali was a newborn so I bet she's so big now.


Everyone says how good I look after having a baby, but I really just can't wait until my doctor gives the ok to start excersizing. I want my flabby tummy gone!! I'm sure everyone is thinking, yeah what flab, but compared to what it used to be, wow I'm flabby. I'm thinking about taking a kickboxing class next semester. Maybe I can get a few friends to sign up with me and we can all get in shape together. Paul already said he can watch Hayden for the 2 hours a week if I pump so he's got a way to feed him. :) Happy is me.


*Katie May* said...

Have fun with the family! And you go girl get that flab! :)

Emily said...

Hey Stephanie! Tis good to see you in the blogging world!!!

David and Ashley said...

Sounds like youre a busy lady! I cant wait til the baby gets here, then I want to start getting back into shape too LOL. Seems like thats going to be the least fun part of all this. :-)

Taryn said...

Dude count me in on the Kickboxing thing...seriously though, I tried working out with a kickboxing DVD and its just not the same, so basically I don't ever work out and I'm disgusted with myself!