Thursday, April 23, 2009

a few random updates

Just a few things I fee like talking about....

first of all, I watch the Biggest Loser and I googled it yesterday and found this blog. I really like it. this girl is inspiring to me. I don't even know her.

Hayden has been sitting up by himself for a few weeks now. Its been nice. He just chills and plays with toys. Also Monday he turned 7 months!! It sure goes by fast.

One week from today is my last day of work.

1 week and 5 days until we are headed to Seattle.

Stupid me let Hayden play with my phone and of course it got full of drool so it died and I had to get a new one. It was BOGO so Paul got a new phone too.

Sorry no pictures yet (I'm at work)

Also Paul's family is coming tomorrow and I'm so excited! I haven't seen Kevin since our wedding and I'm so excited to see him. I just wish dad was coming too.

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*Katie May* said...

So Cindy and Kevin are coming?