Friday, April 24, 2009

late AGAIN?!?

This has bothered me for the longest time and I guess today I'm just in a venting mood. I HATE it when people are late. HATE HATE HATE it!! It drives me SO crazy. I would rather not go than be late. Even if its to something that doesn't matter if you're on time, like a social thing a someones house. Sorry if this offends you. I just don't understand how someone can be late to absolutely EVERYTHING!

My bosses both live less than 5 minutes away from work. Yet they can't seem to make it here before 9:30. They are up WAY before me and they don't have a baby to get ready either. It is rare when they arrive at work before me. I get here at 9. I'm not super early, but I'm not late either. When he makes an appointment for 3:00, he leaves the store at 3:00. Even if he isn't doing anything else to prevent him from going sooner. What does that say to the customer? I would feel like I'm not important enough for him to make an effort to get there on time. It is so stupid.

After about 10 minutes of waiting, I give up and think you aren't coming. I have better things to do than wait around for your lazy butt to show up at my door. Its one thing when its because something happened last minute, like a poopy diaper or something like that. But when you're late because you didn't feel like moving yet, that's just lazy.

I hate waiting around for people so I wouldn't want anyone to wait around for me.


*Katie May* said...

breath... get it all out :)

cluffgirl said...

haha, we are those late people! We seem to always be late to EVERYTHING! However, if it were something at work or school I am on time.

Ashley said...

You must not be very fashionable :)

Andy and Michele said...

So, I hate being late too, but with three kids SOMETHING always comes up. We always leave when we're supposed to be there UNLESS I start getting everyone ready TWO hours before, which is what we do for church, but not many other things. Good thing people usually come to our house for just normal get-togethers, or else we'd be like Brian & Marie (K - not that bad!):) Do you feel better now that you've let it out? I hope so!