Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hayden's Room...Done!

I have been wanting to repaint this room and make it into Hayden's room since my brother moved out last summer. I knew I wanted to do blue and brown but I didn't want to spend money on a wallpaper border or chair rail. I painted the ceiling and baseboards and primed the room and it sat that way for about a month until I figured out exactly what to do. Then I got it done in 3 days. So happy to be done with that project!

This is the before.... no offense to my sister, but this was horrible. It was a cute idea, but then it turned out like a 13 year olds room, not a girl in college's room. Also that lady that painted the faux finish didn't know what she was doing so it turned out terrible. It also had this purple wall paper border on the top with flowers and butterflies on it. It would have been cute if Hayden was a girl, but he's not so time for a change. (when my brother lived with us, he didn't care to paint it, so he lived in this room for about 2 years.)

We went to storytime at the Library last week and they had the kids to a finger paint hand print and I got the idea for the room! I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the room so this is what I did.... I used 1/2 can of the blue that was left from the bathroom and 1 gallon of this blue we bought for the bathroom but hated, and a little white. The color came out pretty close to the color of the bathroom. The tan is left from the other 2 bedrooms (we bought a 5 gallon bucket). I spent about $20 on the whole thing... tape, primer, and paint rollers.

Next up.... curtains and a quilt like the one from "Llama, Llama, Red Pajama." Hayden's been asking where his quilt is like "Jama's" So I guess I have to get on that. We don't really have any twin sized blankets anyway so it'll be fun.

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Ashley Marie said...

It's soo cute!! Love the price tag - you are very creative :)