Sunday, April 17, 2011

Poopy in the potty


sorry if its gross to you!

I haven't started potty training Hayden but ever since he saw Carsten going potty, he wants to try and go a few times a day. Either that or he just likes getting his diaper off so he can run around naked for a while... Well today after church Hayden wanted to go potty so I took him thinking he just sit there a minute and want down like he usually does. Well he sat there a minute and wanted his diaper on. I knew he needed to poop because at church he tried a few times with no luck. I told him to pretend the toilet was his diaper and to push hard and listen for a plop sound. So we sang a few songs and he had me leave for a while then I came back and sang a while longer. Pretty soon we heard a plop! And a few more plops!! Then a BIG plop! He even went potty too! After that big plop he said all done and had a HUGE smile on his face! After he was all cleaned up, we told daddy and daddy got him a treat! There was lots of "GOOD JOB's!!" and high fives! I was so proud of him!!!

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*Katie May* said...

That's great! Amazing what a kid does after he sees another one doing something he hasn't yet