Sunday, April 17, 2011

Student of the Year!!

Paul's class voted him Student of the Year this year! They all had to write down a name of who they thought should be student of the year. They went to break and when they got back Paul's name was written on the board. He thought it was a joke and carried on for 10 minutes saying "ok really, who wrote my name up there?" He didn't believe it to the point that he said "if I really won this, I will shave my head." (Yeah that's what I said!) Turns out, it wasn't a joke. He had his appendix out last semester and works while going to school so I can stay home. I guess the class felt like he's worked pretty hard this year and deserves it (Paul is still saying yeah right to that!). He has worked hard this year! I'm really proud of him for all his hard work!!

well.... as hard as it was to bring the clippers to his head..... he did it, because "sometimes a man just has to be a man" as Paul put it.



And after..... (Hayden took this picture so sorry its all crazy.)
He wore it like this for about 2 days (with a hat on of course) then he shaved the Mohawk off. Sorry no picture of that. But Wednesday is the award ceremony thing where they give him the award and stuff so I'll post pictures of that ASAP!

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