Thursday, March 12, 2009

Constipated rolling over baby!

Hayden finally rolled over on Sunday. I thought the day would never come. He can go from tummy to his back. But hasn't figured out the other way. Someday he'll just do it. It was really exciting!!

Hayden went an entire week without having a bowel movement. I really didn't think anything of it until he was waking up crying every hour the other night. Well I talked to my boss and she thought constipation. WELL DUH this totally made sense. I don't know how often they are supposed have a BM. His next dr. appt isn't until next week. I bought some prune juice today but it's nothing like warm milk straight from the supplier. So his grunting and pushing sounds are getting old and his crying at night is getting annoying. His stool isn't hard, in fact it's quite runny. So why is it that he only goes once a week!! And I'm always scared for it because its and up-the-back-down-the-leg strip down and get in the tub kind of a BM. NOT FUN. Most of the time I end up needing a bath too. Any advice I can get until I go see the DOC on wednesday, it would be appreciated!


*Katie May* said...

are you breastfeeding? They normally say breast fed babies can go a week or two and they are fine without going. Carsten gets backed up like every month. I just get the infant/children suppositories and stick one right up and wahlaa its all out with in 15 minutes and I have a happy baby again. It is a normal thing though so don't worry too much :)

Cindy G. Clites said...

So you guys have given up sleeping? :o( Sorry to hear your plight. He (and us!) should have a BM at least once a day. As he gets older he will need a different variety of foods as well (even though he's nursing still). If he had a fruit every day in some form (like apple juice since he's so young) But honestly, since it's a "runny" stool it doesn't sound like constipation. Constipation is usually hard poo poo and you'll hear him exerting to get it out! I would go to my doc earlier than Wed. I think there may be a little more going on. But...that is just my "guess"! Love you Steph, hope you get more sleep!