Thursday, March 26, 2009


we all know that I cut Hayden's hair. I never admitted to be amazing at it, but it sure is cheaper than getting someone that knows how to do it. I mean how hard is it to use the clippers... its not.

Today while at work I was holding Hayden on my lap and my boss says to him:
"Your hair is growing out nice. You can't even tell you had a bad haircut the other day."

UM! EXCUSE ME! she knows that I'm the one that cuts it... SHE KNOWS THIS. And still she says that... I'm right here, listening. OH I'm sooooo offended about it.

Marie cut my hair last, which was a while ago... and I loved it and still do. But yestday my boss says to me after I said that I needed a trim...
"you should grow your hair longer and cut it all the same length" (ps who does that anymore?)
and I said no I don't think that would look cute on me...
yes it would.
no I don't think so...
well who cuts it for you?
paul's cousin's wife
well you should have someone professional do it
she is, she went to beauty school.

she said a few other things that I can't remember that weren't nice but I'm SO SORRY MARIE!!

I love my haircut and I love the way Marie cut it. I don't trust many people with my hair and I trust Marie more than any other stylist I've ever had.

So let's just say that I'm really annoyed of my boss today and really want to be home. THE END


*Katie May* said...

WOW I have NEVER seen Marie give a bad hair cut. All the hair cuts I have seen have ALL been cute! I have loved EVERY cut I have gotten from her. Maybe your boss doesn't know what and IN style hair cut looks like especially if she thinks you should do it all one length. We LOVE Marie's cuts!!!! :)

Cody and Danica said...

what an old bitty! I'd be pissed too. I hate when people say stupid things like that. ONe time at Dillards someone commented on my weight/build. I rolled my eyes and went over to talk to another co worker and laughingly (but bitter) told her what this guy had said. She looks at me and said, "well its not like your skiny." Up your guy's! So I feel for you! ps your hair is cute and Hayden is an absolute doll!

cluffgirl said...

Sheesh! Sorry, she said that to you! Some people can be way too outspoken and oblivious to people's feeling! As for the one layered haircut, I wouldn't recommend it! You looks cute with layers :) She probably doesn't feel good about herself and feels the need to put others down!

Ashley said...

Man I miss you.