Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I uploaded all the pictures from the camera and here's a few of the pictures that were on it.

This is the start to our garden, we decided to start the seeds inside while we get the garden outside ready to plant. These ones are cucumbers.

This is the hat that Paul's parents got for Paul for Christmas '07. Paul thought this would be cute... turns out he was right.

This is Liam Shawn Spitzer. My friend Tiffany had her baby on Friday the 13th at 8 something pm. He was 7 1/2 pounds and 19 inches! Super cute!!

"Mommy I want to be just like dad and play X Box!!"


*Katie May* said...

How cute!

Cindy G. Clites said...

Those are some darn cute photos! I love Hayden with Paul's hat!